Link 16.02.2014

    “we probably could have downloaded a design and had it cut out of plywood, but our behinds prefer something less… disruptive.”

    We are not in the midst of a revolution, we are between revolutions, Justin McGuirk, 14 February 2014, Dezeen

    “The magazine is dead, long live the magazine.”

    The beautiful magazines setting out to prove print isn’t dead, John O’Reilly
    The Observer, Sunday 16 February 2014

    “The pilot issue demonstrates that creativity is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers, but something that surrounds us in our daily lives.”

    (Molto interessante la loro modalità di distribuzione “social”)
    Works That Work, No.1

    “Guys are simple-minded and love to play with their urine stream”

    (Come sfruttare il peggio per ottenere il meglio)
    Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Costs, Blake Evans-Pritchard, Works That Work, No.1

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