Architunes: Parquet Courts – One Man, No City Where i'm from, when no one lived There. i look back now -- nothin's Changed. where i'm from now, still No one lives there, look back again And lock the door. i maintain, i still Remain one man solitary and no City "cogito ergo sum" people say, but Think again cause i have no faith I find building blocks filled with Nothin'. seen an ink blot page and I said nothin'. outside? i'll check It out -- it's just a mirror. "look Back now!" an empty page. yet i Maintain, i still remain, one man Solitary and no city No town no city No identity no city No thoughts, no feelings no city No you just me i think no city No words i speak no city No outside no city Nothin' at all no city No way home no city No relief no city No sympathy no city No understanding no city There's no one else and no city

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